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Hello! I am Joel, you are visiting my personal blog. Here you can see some of my thoughts and ramblings about tech, gaming and my hobbies. I hope you enjoy your visit!

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Installing LabVIEW in Linux Mint 20.3

Trying to install this piece of proprietary software because my school wants me to is quite painful, but here is what I did

| 2022-01-25 tutorial | linux | ramble | personal | school |

Private messaging

A quick overview into some of the ways I've used to communicate with family, friends and the internet in a secure and private way

| 2022-01-24 android | communication | internet | privacy | security | foss |

Apps I like

After updating to Android 12 I decided to cleanup some apps, and realized there are a few that have become quite important for me, here are some of them

| 2022-01-23 android | apps | foss | review |

My games and projects

Arcticons Icon Pack

Arcticons icon pack showcase art

A monotone line-based icon pack for Android where I contribute by designing icons with a focus on Free and Open Source Software

Deep Into the Volcano

Deep into the Volcano cover art

My entry for Ludum Dare 48, a simple game with two levels where you try to escape the Lava coming towards you!

Swap Die Repeat

Swap Die Repeat cover art

For my first game jam! A 2D puzzle platformer made with Godot, swap characters until you die! (but try not to)

Cliff Hanger

Cliff_Hanger's cover art

Yet another A 2D platformer, but you have to complete the levels in 12 seconds or less, how? By stopping time!, somehow...

Only Spaceship

Only Spaceship's cover art

A rushed out game that is kinda wonky and broken. A spaceshooter where you survive as long as its not unfair.

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