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My personal blog, where you can see some of my thoughts and ramblings about tech, gaming and my hobbies

Welcome to my corner of the internet, I hope you like this place, I am still working on it to make it as nice as possible :)

Latest blogs

How to stream music to Android with MPD
A quick and dirty guide on how to do music streaming from your desktop (or any device with a music folder) to Android with MPD
📅 2021-04-09
Changing the comment system and customizing this site
The past few days I have been inspired into making this site more "personal", I also decided to make my comments work using mastodon
📅 2021-04-08
Reading books once again
I have been trapped into a new book series and I have never read so much in years. My favorite genre and some related thoughts
📅 2021-04-05

My games and projects

Swap Die Repeat

Swap Die Repeat cover art
For my first game jam! A 2D puzzle platformer made with Godot, swap characters until you die! (but you should try to avoid that)
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Cliff Hanger

Cliff_Hanger's cover art
Yet another A 2D platformer, but you have to complete the levels in 12 seconds or less, how? By stopping time!, somehow...
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Only Spaceship

Only Spaceship's cover art
A rushed out game that is kinda wonky and broken. A spaceshooter where you survive as long as you can! Until its too unfair.
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Gemini capsule

You can also access a mirror of this site on your gemini client if you so wish, there might be a bit of delay, but eventually you will get it :D

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