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I have many ideas, but I feel that I can't expand them

The last few days I have had some problems, not with coming up with ideas to talk about, but I don't feel capable of explaining them fully
📅 15 Apr 2021 📝 445 words ⌚ ~1 min.
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So, I have had some trouble coming up with new themes to bring up and talk about. The last days have been quite normal, and I have had some ideas to share and explore. But, for some weird reason, I end up coming up with excuses to not talk about them or I have some weird fear of people not caring about what I have to say.

However, I have decided to not listen to those thoughts of mine. And talk about whatever I want. This is my blog after all, so I should not be that invested in what others think of me. I don’t really talk about controversial topics anyways, but I think I got to the point where I convinced myself that I only wanted to talk about things that caught the attention of the broader audience.

Not anymore, I talk about whatever I want. There were some excuses and ideas floating around in my mind. But there I was, thinking excuses such as:

Guess what?. Nobody actually cares, the people who care will read what I said, and that’s what matters, kinda.

Anyways, I have many ideas right now, and although I won’t expand them all on this post, but I can do a brief description of what’s to come. Maybe not everything will end up coming to existence, but hey, I do the blogs I want.

So yeah. Not a lot of content in this post per se, but hey, I am working on it 😉.

This has been day 32 of #100DaystoOffload, I hope you enjoyed the quick read. I want to be done with this challenge sooner than later, and I am glad I noticed this insecurity of mine, hopefully it doesn’t come back anytime soon. Until the next post.


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